As per the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (S.1200), all new employees are required to provide documents that show proof of employment authorization and identity, (i.e., Social Security Account Number Card and Driver’s License or similar document issued for the purpose of identification by a state).  Alternate documents may be accepted as per regulations.

For insurance purposes, driving records will be checked on all employees that are required to drive as stated in their job description and job duties.  If an employee is deemed uninsurable, employment may be terminated.

 A conviction related to criminal homicide, kidnapping and false imprisonment; indecency with a child; agreement to abduct from custody; sale or purchase of a child; arson; robbery; sexual assault; aggravated assault; injury to a child, elderly individual or disabled individual; abandoning or endangering a child; aiding suicide and aggravated robbery make you ineligible for employment.  MHMR Authority of Brazos Valley may determine other criminal offenses for which a conviction may be considered a bar to employment.  The names of all prospective employees are cleared through the Texas Department of Public Safety to determine the existence of such records prior to being offered employment with the agency.  Any prospective employee who has lived for any time during the past two years outside of the State of Texas will be fingerprinted and cleared through the FBI.

The following positions are currently open throughout the Authority.  Any qualified applicants or employees who are interested in these positions should contact the Human Resources Office at the below noted address.  Any MHMR Authority of Brazos Valley employee interested and qualified for any of the enclosed positions should submit a memorandum of application to the Human Resources office with a copy to his/her supervisor.  MHMR Authority of Brazos Valley is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Applications of individuals considered for employment are kept active for a period of not more than 90 days.  If the applicant does not indicate further interest during this period the application is considered inactive.