This program provides mental health emergency support 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and is the first point of contact to begin eligibility assessment by calling:


Staff provide support and help connect callers to emergency services if needed including:

  • Contacting the MHMRABV psychiatrist and/or the caller's service coordinator for assistance.
  • Involving 911 services if the caller is dangerous to self or others.
  • Arranging an assessment by Eligibility Determination staff for callers new to MHMRABV services.
  • Emergency assessment by licensed staff may occur at a clinic or a community location depending upon the caller's needs. People who need brief treatment to help them stabilize may receive one to four sessions of therapy.  Further need for therapy will be referred to a long-term service.
  • Routine eligibility appointments are available within 14 days or sooner if clinically indicated.  At the conclusion of that appointment, an appointment is made for eligible individuals to see a doctor.